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Dec 4


7PiXL is a trusted provider of custom access control systems and security camera installations for commercial and residential clients in Dallas, Frisco and Plano. We offer access control and installation services for multifamily or commercial properties.


Our proven process has been used to successfully complete many projects. Our years of experience in access control, CCTV, and multifamily security solutions for dallas Cctv and DFW have been invaluable. We are able to provide reliable and easy-to-use solutions every time for our clients!


We are proud to be known in Dallas and all over DFW. 7PiXL's success is based on excellent customer service. We are proud of helping our commercial and residential clients protect their people and property.

7PiXL, with the knowledge and experience we have gained, has taken an oath to protect all of our clients. Security industry tenure. Our company is the most trusted in the security industry. We offer a complete list of the top security systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and other industries. We provide security camera services.
Maintenance and installation, keycard access, gate control, gate control, magnetic strips
Readers, structured cabling, and designing and building a DFW access control office.

Our company believes in the security of our clients by designing a customized security system. We are proud to share the fact that our cutting-edge technology has helped secure thousands of buildings. Our team is able to design attractive, hack-proof systems that are also 100% secure. We are able to collaborate with contractors and other professionals in the building industry. Our experience spans over twenty years in designing and installing high-quality technical products. It is easy to see why we are the best choice for professional and reliable security systems in the state. Our team includes many veterans who are committed to protecting and protecting each customer.

Our technicians are tech-savvy and continue to keep up to date with security updates so they can stay on top of the latest developments. We can offer first-class services and expertise to homeowners and businessmen who want to secure their offices. Our clients have felt safe and secure. 7PiXL is now able to offer its services with the assurance that we are available to assist you.