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Your Eyelash Collection will have a longer life expectancy

Dec 17

Are you keeping your false lashes clean? After a long day, it can be difficult to keep your false eyelashes clean. We promise that your lashes will last for months.

By keeping your favorite set clean and sanitized, you can extend their life of them. Makeup glue and mascara can dry out your lashes and cause damage to synthetic fibers. Long-term wear of lashes can lead to bacteria buildup that can cause eye irritation. False lashes can be cleaned in many different ways, we promise. Your falsie collection will be blessed with you.

Take out the glue

The buildup of glue can eventually cause uneven lashes. Also, glue can trap bacteria.

Shampoo your hair with warm water

Warm water can loosen mascara, eyeshadow, or other makeup residues. Warm water works well for stubborn makeup but not for artificial lashes fibers. Heat can cause hair and fur to lose their curl.

Cleanup and Sanitization

Artificial lashes can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. However, real hair should only be cleaned with mild water-based makeup removers such as Bioderma Sebium. It won't dry your fibers. Use a cotton ball soaked with alcohol or remover to wipe your lashes dry.

Be cautious with fancy sets

Dry clean only clothes are not suitable for lashes. Some lashes need special care. It is not recommended to soak or clean lashes with fragile decorations such as glitter, feathers, and rhinestones. Spot cleaning your lashes with an alcohol-soaked cotton cloth swab is a good way to keep them tidy and allow you to wear your favourite glamour sets more often.

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