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Oakvale Wildlife Park

Mar 2

About Oakvale Wildlife Park

Oakvale Wildlife Park is an Australian farm located 2.5 hours north of Sydney in beautiful Port Stephens, set on 25 acres with 100% Australian native and domestic animals such as ducklings rabbits goats sheep cattle horses koalas kangaroos emus dingoes wombats quarrions ostrich etc. It's not just any old animal spotting trip though - you'll find endless menageries ranging from small birds like quail or ostriches all the way up through giant creatures like monitors lizard species which can grow over two feet long.

Oakvale is a family-owned farm that has been operating for over 30 years. It's run by the Sansoms, who also happen to be owners and operators of this scenic lookout spot in BC's Okanagan Valley where you can take tours or enjoy a picnic while looking out at all your favourite landmarks up high.

Visitors to the farm will be thoroughly impressed with their newly renovated facilities. They include a kiosk, eating area and seating capacity of 180 people. The one thing that hasn't changed is how much care they have for native wildlife; it remains an integral part of what makes this place so great and different from others.

What To Do At Oakvale Wildlife Park

Oakvale Wildlife Park is looking for dedicated volunteers to assist with zoo duties. If you're interested in working one day per week, this opportunity could be just what your wildlife needs. You'll gain hands-on experience while learning about animal care and management at Oak virtually every Wednesday from 10 am - 12 pm (or 1 pm - 3 pm during summer). Duties include cleaning enclosures; feeding animals such as ducks & geese who live inside of large ponds called moats here; maintaining trails that lead through lush green scenery composed largely of native plants, etc.

We offer a variety of educational activities that give students the opportunity to experience and interact with Australia’s native wildlife. Students can participate in bottle feeding, cow milking, tractor-trailer rides (for those who are older), koala patting--and much more! Should you request an Oakvale educational officer will be allocated for groups up to 30+ people they provide your children information on animals including their care as well bio diversity - all tailored just right based on what age range we're looking at here: infant(inclusive), early childhood aged between 0-6 years old or secondary school-aged 7-17years old.

There is a great range of picnic areas to enjoy with 8 electric BBQ’s available for use and scattered throughout the park. You can also hire our party room or any one of these beautiful scenic spots if you just want some peace & quiet! There are plenty more activities than one would think too - from feeding presentations all day long (including animal encounters)to kid-friendly splash zones where they won't get bored quickly ever again while their parents relax under an umbrella at one end catching up on what's been going on since school started months ago.


One local company in Newcastle involved in this tourist attraction is:

Name: Newcastle Blinds Pro

Address: Unit 15/102 Bridge St, Waratah NSW 2298

Phone: (02) 4003 6447