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Umbrella Printing Singapore

Oct 16

Umbrella Printing Singapore to Activate your Brand

Did know umbrella printing singapore could be used as promotional items? Let's begin with anecdotally.

I forgot my umbrella!" The umbrella was gone! I forgot the umbrella!"

This is how umbrella printing singapore can make your brand stand out. We'll be discussing 5 options for custom-printed umbrellas to activate your brand.


A Custom Printed Umbrella

What is the impact of promotional umbrellas?

They are more than just a monetary gift. They are usually kept for 14 months by most recipients.

We all know that umbrellas have a big brand impact. What are some ideas for umbrella printing singapore promotions? These ideas can be broken down by industry.

1. For Healthcare

Healthcare professionals will love a umbrella printing singapore product. Give your patients an umbrella to protect them from the rain.

Staff can remind patients by using umbrellas that are custom-made to their specifications at the door or in the waiting room to help them get to the car.

Top buyers of promotional umbrella printing singapore for the healthcare sector are hospitals, doctors, dentists, nursing homes and medical labs.

  • Gifts to National Nurses Week 
  • Gifts to National Hospital Week 
  • Promotions to Employee Recruitment
  • New patient gifts
  • Gift shops merchandise
  • Pharmacy sales
  • Donations to charity

Which are the best healthcare promotional umbrellas?

2. Umbrella Printing Singapore for Financial Institutions

If the umbrella is of high quality, your gift will be regarded as high-end and luxurious.

What can you do for your clients to be delighted by promotional umbrellas?

  • These can also be used as gifts for new customers and accounts.
  • Give them away at sales meetings
  • These can also be given away at industry events and virtual trade shows.
  • These can also be used to prospect for salespeople

Quality is the main consideration when choosing umbrellas that are custom printed for financial institutions.

3. For educational institutions for your custom-printed umbrellas

Custom-branded umbrellas make great promotional items for universities and colleges. Everyone can appreciate and use school-branded umbrellas, from students walking to class to faculty members.

Consider ordering custom umbrellas in a variety of colors and styles to help educational institutions. Engravings are a big hit when handing out gifts at fundraising events.

These are some suggestions:

  • Teacher or parent volunteer gifts
  • Graduating class mementos
  • Events to raise money for booster clubs and sports teams
  • Alumni events

It's smart to stock up at school. Your umbrella printing singapore will go quickly the first time it rains.

4. Custom Printed Umbrellas for Hospitality

Outdoor services are becoming more popular in the hospitality industry. Hotel, restaurant, and other venues must adapt to the outdoors. Custom printed umbrellas will make guests feel comfortable and allow the brand to shine.

What happens when it gets colder? There are many ways to use promotional umbrellas in hospitality.

  • Presents for your guests
  • Employee morale and Rewards
  • Souvenir gift shop merchandise
  • Special event promotion

Think about the purpose of your umbrellas before you decide on promotional umbrellas for your hotel business. Take into account how many impressions an umbrella has before you organise your event.

5. Custom-Printed Umbrellas

The sport industry is big. Business Wire reports that the $19.2 market share for youth sports is comparable to the $15Billion NFL market.

It is logical.

How clever are there ways to promote umbrella printing in the sporting industry?

  • Game day giveaways
  • College bookstores or souvenir shops
  • Booster club fundraisers
  • Sponsors get free gifts
  • Sporting events raffle prizes

As giveaways, umbrellas can be printed custom for corporate sporting events like golf tournaments. They can be taken home by tournament players to be used again and again.

Make your brand stand out with umbrella printing in Singapore

Umbrella Printing Singapore can be a great way for your brand to get noticed, no matter the industry.

Choose from a variety of styles and colors for custom printed umbrellas. See our hand-picked collection.

The umbrella you choose will be influenced by your audience, industry, and brand.