The stages and timeline for the Roof Replacement

To comprehend the duration to complete your project, you should first know the steps involved in the residential roofing indianapolis refoiling process. Let’s begin by looking at the phases.

1.Getting an initial estimate

Make sure you obtain multiple estimates from various roofing firms within the first week. If there aren’t significant numbers of potential clients, a roofing company will be able to dispatch someone within a few days. After you’ve decided on a roofer, you must schedule an appointment to begin the process. It will be between two and five days.

2. Prepare your home

for the job The team should clean up your home prior to when they begin to remove old shingles. The crew must protect your siding as well as any plants, trees or other landscaping from harm by using the use of a Tarp.

3.The Old Shingles are removed and disposed

of: In the majority of instances, the shingles of an old roof are able to be removed. Even if a few shingles are in good shape, it’s possible to take every shingle and examine the roof’s plywood foundation.

4.Plywood inspection

The plywood should be inspected for damage prior to installing new shingles. Roofers must inspect the plywood for any damage, as well as any connections that aren’t secured.


5. Shingle preparation:

Prior to when new shingles are installed there are a number of steps to be followed to ensure your roof is protected. This could include roofing felt installation as well as drip edge installation. water and ice protection.

6. Shingle Installation:

Once the preparation work is completed, the shingles are now ready to be put in place.

The roofers will add flashing around chimneys and vents, if needed, after the shingles are put up.

7. Cleaning up

after the work is completed, the roofing firm is accountable for the cleanup. Contact your roofing company prior to when the work begins to make sure that you’re on the same page with regards to cleanup. If you need staff members to tidy their own mess each day, inform your representative. Your representative should be made know about any other special needs.

8. Inspection:

Once the work is completed, check the roof to ensure there are no errors.

The roofing process will be between two and five weeks from the time you contact your first prospective roofing contractor until the inspection at the end. The final two to five days of work. Be aware that, in some cases, things happen and the work could take longer due to circumstances beyond the control of the contractor.


To ensure that you don’t have to take breaks to work, it’s better to plan your roofing project at a time when there isn’t any severe weather. Request the roofing contractor for specifics to ensure you know what to expect and how you can handle unexpected circumstances.


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